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My childhood was spent getting sunburned and navigating barbed wire fences in Southwest Missouri to explore wooded tracts and creeks with my brothers, lost in our imaginative worlds.  After high school, I attended Southwest Missouri State University before moving to Chicago, and later getting married. My wife, son, and I returned to Missouri in 2004, settling outside of Kansas City.  I worked as an EMT for several years in local Emergency Departments and trauma centers, while reconnecting with my love of nature and outdoor activities.


I first became involved with Bigfoot Research after attending Steve Moon's 2013 BFRO Expedition in Iowa,  where a few amazing experiences prompted me to rethink my assumptions of the world around me. I began investigating Bigfoot reports for the BFRO, and gathering audio and research data in areas not far from where I live.


My other interests in writing, travel, and avocational science have all been enhanced by my Bigfoot Research, and the never-ending learning process is immensely satisfying. Bigfoot Research is a controversial subject, full of contrasting agendas, opinions, and levels of effort coming into play. My hope is that the Lowlands Bigfoot Research Group can improve both the reliability and quality of data being collected, by demystifying the scientific protocol and processes that are necessary to bridge the gap between knowledge and mystery.

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