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The Lowlanders is a group of five researchers from five different states within the Central Lowlands Physiographic Province. We are inclusive by nature, welcoming one and all to join us here in the Lowlands, as we explore and discover the unknown. Experiencing nature and looking for the unknown, whether it’s Bigfoot or the headwaters of a stream, enriches the soul and enlivens the mind. As humans we need purpose and joy in our lives.

Children have a sense of wonder, an inquisitive nature and the ability to observe the world around them in great detail. The Lowlanders realize that kids are the future of Bigfoot research, and we want them to go forth and do great things. By discovering and developing skills outdoors, in nature, a vast universe opens up to them. We are developing programming for kids, speaking to them about safety, stewardship, companionship and the joys of discovery.

A physical challenge may make it impossible to join the Lowlanders in the woods at night, or scouting a remote valley, but we don’t accept that. We want to include everyone in our journey of discovery. We will be taking advantage of cyberspace and capable technologies such as virtual reality to bring along with us anyone who we are able to reach, who shares our passion for Bigfoot and exploration. We don’t want to leave anyone out.

In order to achieve our goals we need your support. We Lowlanders have a track record when it comes to doing the most with the least, but we can’t dream big without the resources to make it happen, and some of them aren’t cheap. Please consider a donation to the lowlands Bigfoot Research Group. We will spend your money wisely and keep you updated on our progress through our website, YouTube, Twitter, and every other way we can think of. Be a part of our success!

Steve Moon

Lowlands Bigfoot Research Group

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