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Steve Moon

I became serious about Bigfoot research in 2008, and am an investigator for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO). I created the Lowlands Bigfoot Research Group in 2017, to focus exclusively on a systematic science-based search for answers regarding this creature. I hold advanced degrees in art and information science from The University of Iowa, and more recently, anthropology from Iowa State University. My anthropological research focuses on the extent and ecology of Bigfoot on the North American continent, often in the context of Paleo-Indian and Archaic prehistory. I have had about a dozen visual sightings of Bigfoot, and hundreds of encounters of various kinds.

My Bigfoot research involves solo and collaborative fieldwork, utilizing photo and video imaging, and audio recording. I’ve accumulated a vast collection of audio files, recorded primarily in the Upper Midwest, and continue to expand my array of audio recording equipment and techniques. I have pioneered the use film cameras to document the rare and unusual phenomenon of Bigfoot eyeglow, and have championed the term “eyeglow” to differentiate this phenomenon from the very common “eye shine.” I am currently designing a near-surface aerial surveillance platform which will be suspended from a tethered helium balloon.

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